July 2022



“Hurry up please it’s time.”

BBC RADIO 3 JULY 10TH, 19.30

A fully cast binaural performance of T S Eliot’s The Waste Land to mark the poem’s centenary, with an introductory Preface.

An early title for the poem was He Do The Police in Different Voices. It was taken from Dicken’s Out Mutual Friend, and refers to a character who read the newspaper out loud very well. Eliot was not to write drama for another ten years but the first glimmers of Eliot the dramatist might be found here in The Waste Land. It is possible to trace different characters, different voices, through the poem; this is the approach taken for this production, which is faithful to the text, recorded word for word as written, relishing the collection of voices within it.

Before the poem itself, a Preface, an exploration of the poem with Dr Lyndall Gordon, and Professors Mark Ford, Seamus Perry, and Stephen Connor.  Nancy Fulford, archivist for the T S Eliot Estate, shows us some precious first editions and a revealing letter from the collection.

It is recorded in binaural & best listened with headphones.

Cast in order of appearance:
Marie & Madame Sosostris:       Maggie Steed
The Seer:                                       Adrian Edmondson
The Young Woman:                      Esme Scarborough
The Poet:                                        Paul Ready
The Woman in the Pub:                Tilly Vosburgh
The Actor:                                        David Haigh
Tiresias:                                            David Calder
The Typist:                                       Matilda Tucker

Preface interviews by Paul Keers

Sound design by David Thomas

Produced and Directed by Caroline Raphael. 

The Waste Land by T S Eliot is published by Faber & Faber and appears in the programme by kind permission of The Estate of T S Eliot.

May 2022

Another centenary programme. It’s 100 years since the first publication of T S Eliot’s The Waste Land. Producing documentary and dramatised performance of the poem for BBC Radio 3 to be broadcast in July 2022. Cast includes Sir Derek Jacobi, Maggie Steed and Paul Ready.

April 2022

Working on the fourth season of the Audible/LAMDA partnership to produce episodes of new work by emerging theatre writers working with up and coming theatre directors. Cast all final year students at LAMDA and a very fine bunch they are this year.

April 2022

Recorded second series of Adrian Edmondson – Signs of Life for BBC Radio 3’s The Essay series. Starts May 23rd at 22.45.

May 2022

New documentary broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Still available to hear on BBC Sounds

Somewhere in a small English village, a boy with unkempt hair and dirty knees, falling-down socks and wild hair, is righting wrongs and causing havoc – and is forever 11.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the publication in May 1922 of the first collection of Just William stories by Richmal Crompton. Over the next 50 years, Crompton published 37 more books in which the world changed but William Brown never did.

Often thought of as children’s books, the Just William stories were originally written for adults, and have an overlooked comic legacy. Through the eyes of a small boy, Crompton satirised the absurdities and hypocrisies of adult life, with a flair and wit closer to PG Wodehouse than Enid Blyton, and an influence extending through work as disparate as The Likely Lads by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, and Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

Edward Rowett considers how and why these books continue to delight. Just William is a major comic influence on his own work and comedy ambitions – but he swears he has never painted a dog blue, blackmailed a sauce magnate, or accidentally abducted a Sunday school.

He discovers another possible source for the inspiration of William Brown and finds himself increasingly intrigued by Richmal Crompton herself.

He analyses Crompton’s prose and talks to fellow devotees Neil Gaiman, Caitlin Moran, Liam Williams and, of course, the voice of William for so many, Martin Jarvis. Dr Jane McVeigh author of a new literary biography of Richmal Crompton, Just William: A Literary Life, shows Edward around the Richmal Crompton archive.

Edward Rowett is a comedy writer and performer. Since 2015, he has written four series of the award winning comedy Reluctant Persuaders for BBC Radio 4.

The archive recording of Terry Pratchett was made by The Oxford Story Museum and is used with the kind permission of his Estate.
Just William Live was produced Roz Ayres for Jarvis & Ayres Productions for BBC Radio 4 and used with the kind permission of Jarvis & Ayres.
With thanks to Kornelia Cepok, Archivist, University of Roehampton Library.

Presenter: Edward Rowett
Reader: Janet Ellis
Producer: Caroline Raphael
Sound: Shane O’Byrne at The Soundhouse
Location Recording: Nick Manasseh

March 2022


New play by Yolanda Mercy, recorded in January 2022, broadcast March 2022, and is still available to listen on BBC Sounds.

In Yolanda Mercy’s new play, set in London in a time not far from now, Angela is struggling to survive.

Angela does not have all the papers the government says she should.

Can you imagine not being able to get medical treatment, not being able to protest, not being able to hold your employer to account? Can you imagine trusting so few people that making new friends, finding love, means taking an almighty risk? And working every hour you can to send money home to your family who live far away?

That’s Angela’s life.

The government is placing a Documentation App on everyone’s phone, whether they want it or not – and Angela’s life is about to get even more difficult.

Yolanda Mercy’s play Quarter Life Crisis was the first play to be heard on Radio 1Xtra and has been performed in Edinburgh, Lagos, Thailand, and in London, It was chosen to be one of the reopening season shows at the Bridge Theatre London shows in Autumn 2020 where it played to full houses. Yolanda’s first television drama BBW was commissioned and broadcast by Channel 4 and has since been nominated for the 2022 Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Best Short Form TV Drama and Best Short Form TV Drama at the 2021 Baftas, and won her The Television Foundation’s Debut Writer Award in the same year.

Her series World of Curls (created with Jade Lewis) is available to hear on BBC Sounds

ANGELA Deborah Bahi
MONICA Michelle Greenidge
FOX Cash Holland
JAMAL Patrick Elue
IAN Clarence Smith
DOCTOR Nadine Gray
PHONE Esme Scarborough

Other parts were played by members of the cast.

Directed by Yolanda Mercy
Produced by Caroline Raphael
Sound by Wilfredo Acosta at The Soundhouse
With thanks to Zoe Gardner at The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

November 2021


Been making a podcast with Hat Trick Productions for last few months. Very exciting. Had idea aeons ago and now, finally, first episode publishes tomorrow (Monday 30th November). With guests talking to Janet Ellis about a single children’s book that had a big impact on them. First up Ben Miller and Roger Lancelyn Green’s King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. Everyone asked to read the book again ahead of the interview, ideally their old copy or we’d find them a second hand copy of that edition to help stir the memories. Other guests include the chef Rachel Roddy, the writer Juno Dawson, the potter Keith BrymerJones, the broadcaster and journalist Samira Ahmed, and two Children’s Laureates (Sir Michael Morpurgo and Lauren Child). You can subscribe here and listen to the trailer:

The image is by Mahla Bess whose work you can purchase here:


AUDIO PRODUCTION AWARDS: was delighted to get Bronze Audiobook Producer of the Year and that my entry for Best Narrator for David Haig got the Silver Award.

JUNE 2021

This month saw the release of the BBC Radio Angela Carter Collection by Penguin Random House. I was approached to come up with an idea that would help link new productions by Allegra Productions with the old BBC archive material. And to give some context. I idid a long nterview with Carter literary executor and expert, theatre critic Susannah Clapp. We talked about Carter’s life, her love of radio drama and the works themselves. I then cut myself out and seeded the interviews between each of the individual productions.


The BBC Arts New Creatives scheme that I worked on as an Executive Producer with Pier Productions and Screen South won the BBC Audio & Music 2020 Award for Best Partnership.


Production started on five part drama series for BBC Radio 4 directed by Jade Lewis and written by Yolanda Mercy. World of Curls is set in a black hair salon in Peckham and tells the stories of the women who work there and their clients. TX February 15th to 19th 2021 inclusive at 10.45 and 19.45 BBC Radio 4.

Cast includes Ronke Adekoluejo, Michelle Greenidge, Deborah Bahi, Emerald Crankson and Yinka Awoni.


An Unknown Warrior: a five part fifteen minute series of readings to mark the centenary of the Funeral of the Unknown Warrior. The series uses contemporaneous reports of the occasion including readings from Cabinet meetings, newspapers and other writings from those who were there. Transmission BBC Radio 4 week beginning November 9th at 09.45. It was a Pick of the Week for the network and received a great deal of press attention.

Readers: Janet Ellis and David Haig.


New two part dramatisation of Mary Stewart’s romantic thriller Madam, Will You Talk? broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on August 23rd and August 30th. Produced and directed by Caroline Raphael for Pier Productions Ltd.

image by Mahla Bess


Quick roundup:

Work on second year of Audible LAMDA collaboration with theatre directors and theatre writers new to radio. And now planning third year!

BBC/Arts Council/Screen South/Pier Productions NEW CREATIVES

Training, mentoring and exec production on the second year of this initiative to support creative talent between the ages of 16 and 30.

New work for BBC Radio 4 all to be broadcast in late Autumn/early 2021 now in development & production.

JUNE 2020

Executive Producing reading series for Pier Productions with Deborah Frances-White. Transmission is early 2021. Writers chosen by Deborah Frances-White of The Guilty Feminist Fame commissioned to write a short piece of fiction or essay. Writers to be revealed!



New 5 part series by Yolanda Mercy & Jade Lewis, with Jade directing and Caroline Raphael executive producing for February 2021. Subject under wraps for a bit but it is a great subject and we are all very excited.


New 2 part dramatisation of Mary Stewart’s 1950s Romantic Thriller, the first book of its kind, Madam, Will You Talk? which I will be producing and directing in association with Pier Productions.

JULY 2019


The second of the three Geoff Norcott commissions was recorded and broadcast in early July. Originally intended to mark 100 Days Post Brexit it focused instead on how our relationships with each other have changed since the Referendum.

L to R: Mark Nelson, Barry Castagnola, Geoff Norcott, Leanne Everitt

APRIL 2019


Working as Executive Producer with LAMDA and Audible on four amazing new plays supporting new directors and writers to audio with final year LAMDA actors.

Sophie Moniram and Eno Mofon

Jane Fallowfield and Ross Willis

Guy Jones and Joe White

Miranda Cromwell and Rebecca Boey


MARCH 2019

And we won!

IMG_4650 2

Produced for Pier Productions, GEOFF NORCOTT:  RIGHT LEANING BUT WELL MEANING a stand up comedy for BBC Radio 4.  A total departure for me politically:  Geoff is a working class Tory and Brexit voter.  And we don’t agree on anything!  But this is the sharp, intelligent voice we should have been hearing more often in the run up to the Referendum.  And the man is seriously funny.  It was chosen as BBC Comedy of the Week Podcast.  A further run has been commissioned for BBC Radio 4.  More news on that to follow.

MARCH 2019

Geoff Norcott HEAD SHOT 3

My production for BBC Radio 4 Geoff Norcott:  Right Leaning but Well Meaning one of three finalists for BBC Radio & Music Awards for Best Comedy 2019!

New programme has been commissioned to mark 100 Days post Brexit…although like everyone else we are still waiting to find out when that will actually be.

MARCH 2019

Working with BBC/Arts Council/Screen South on New Creatives Awards for 2019 and 2020.  Assessing and supporting audio work from 16-30 years olds with Pier Productions.  100 new and emerging artists working in film, audio and interactive will be commissioned.


MARCH 2019

New commission from BBC Radio 3 to make five essays in which leading comedians write about a singular influence on their work.  Transmission December 2019.

Radio 3


Been invited to judge three major awards this month.

JANUARY 2019 – MARCH 2019


Teaching the Radio module on the MA Creative Writing course at UAL Central St. Martins.


Consultancy for DK books (Dorling Kindersley) looking at audiobook development for their titles.


Audiobook Consultancy for Sunshine, brand and entertainment company, developing their podcast for Harrods.


Executive Producer for Minotaur Productions Audible Original podcast series Folsom Untold presented by Danny Robins.  It shot to top of Audible US charts.

JUNE 2018

On the bandstand where the photograph was taken from, Rhonda Nisbett holding a copy of the Africa Liberation Day 1977 photograph as Vanley Burke, Louisa Nisbett and Derek Douglas remembe

Recording FACE IN THE CROWD in Handsworth Park for BBC Radio 4 documentary tx 11am 22nd June 2018 and on then on the BBC Radio iPlayer

The programme traces four of the faces in the crowd at Africa Liberation Day 1977.  The event, the largest gathering at that time of black people in this country, was photographed by Vanley Burke (second left).  His photographs are the only record of this extraordinary gathering.  Louisa and Rhonda Nisbett and Derek Douglas (above) are in the photographs.  They are all children of Windrush immigrants and as such became the first major generation of black teenagers in the UK.  They are joined in the programme by Norville Bynoe who has been caught up in the Windrush generation debacle.

This was the first time Norville Bynoe (right) with the photographer Vanley Burke. This was the first time Norville had seen the photograph in which he features

(Norville Bynoe (right) looking at himself in one of the photographs for this first time with Vanley Burke.  The photographs are hanging in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

MAY 2018

Geoff Norcott HEAD SHOT 3

Produced for Pier Productions, GEOFF NORCOTT:  RIGHT LEANING BUT WELL MEANING a stand up comedy for BBC Radio 4.  A total departure for me politically, Geoff is a working class Tory and Brexit voter.  And we don’t agree on anything!  But this is the sharp, intelligent voice we should have been hearing more often in the run up to the Referendum.  And the man is seriously funny.  It was chosen as BBC Comedy of the Week Podcast.  A further run has been commissioned for BBC Radio 4.  More news on that to follow.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 18.35.43Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 18.35.58

APRIL 2018


Produced BBC Radio 1xtra’s first drama, QUARTER LIFE CRISIS by Yolanda Mercy.

Review in The Spectator: default-thumbnail7 April 2018

There were new plays on Radio 1Xtra this week as part of the BBC’s drive to reach out to younger audiences (how I wish they could have been broadcast on Radio 4 to broaden that station’s range). Quarter Life Crisis by Yolanda Mercy (and directed by Caroline Raphael) stars Mercy herself as a young black woman, approaching 26, who’s wondering whether she will ever find her way in life, feel grown-up, have the opportunity to break free. ‘Do you have to know where you’re going in life, or is it OK to make it up as you go along?’ asks Alicia. It’s fast, it’s funny, it moves around in time, making the most of the form. Mercy is apparently writing several plays for TV; I hope we don’t lose her voice from the radio.



Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 16.57.29

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 16.56.46

My production of THE RED by Marcus Brigtstocke and starring Rufus Jones and David Calder won the  BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Original Audio Drama Production (Single Play).   It will be repeated on BBC Radio 4 on February 1st at 14.15.  I produced and directed it for Pier Productions Limited.


JANUARY 2018 – MARCH 2018


Teaching the Radio module on the MA Creative Writing course at UAL Central St. Martins.


My production of THE RED by Marcus Brigtstocke and starring Rufus Jones and David Calder has made it to the final shortlist of three for the BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Original Audio Drama (Single Play).   It will be repeated on BBC Radio 4 on February 1st at 14.15.


In the past month I have lectured at the University of Salford, The University of the Arts London Central St Martin’s, University of Lincoln and taken script surgeries at The University of Sunderland.   Students have included MA and BA Media Production students and students on MA Creative Writing Courses.


Delighted to announce that THE RED by Marcus Brigstocke longlisted for BBC Audio Drama Award.



Producer for Pier Productions

BBC Radio 4:  The Remote by Mark Watson


He is surprised she cannot remember why she left. It may have been nearly 30 years ago, but he can. And he’s always hoped she would come back to him. Their lives have drifted to opposite sides of the world but perhaps they are not as remote form each other as they think. Over the years, it becomes increasingly possible to find almost anyone on the internet.

Raquel Cassidy (Downton Abbey, W1A, Silent Witness, Lead Balloon) stars alongside Richard Lumsden (Doc Martin, Father Brown and R4’s Clare in the Community).

Remote is a first radio drama by the award winning comedian Mark Watson. Mark has had several comedy series on Radio 4, including Mark Watson Talks a Bit About Life, and is the host of the BBC Radio New Comedy Awards. He is a published novelist and one of his books has been optioned this year by Steven Spielberg’s studio, Amblin.


Producer for Dora Productions

BBC Radio 4: Join the Dots

Five part documentary series about the dot in some of its many manifestations.  Presented by Janet Ellis pictured here at The Clown Gallery with Matty Faint.


Programmes still available to listen to here:


Producer for Pier Productions

BBC Radio 4:  The Red by Marcus Brigstocke 


Rufus Jones and David Calder star in Marcus Brigstocke’s first drama for radio.

Benedict has been sober for 25 years. On the day of his father’s funeral, he learns he has left him an unsettling final request. Benedict’s father loved wine. He collected it and found sharing it with his friends and family an act of love and joy. But his son is an alcoholic. We witness how this has affected both their lives and their relationship in this drama based on Marcus Brigstocke’s own experience of recovery.

The play was recorded on location in a 400 year old wine cellar.

Rufus Jones is best known as a comedy actor with starring roles in television comedies including W1A, Hunderby and Camping.

David Calder has had many leading parts on stage including the National Theatre and RSC, and television.

Marcus Brigstocke is best known as a stand-up comedian and has been a regular performer and writer on BBC Radio 4 programmes including The Now Show, I’ve Never Seen Star Wars, The Brig Report and Giles Wemmbley-Hogg Goes Off.

JUNE 2017

Delighted and proud to have been elected Vice-Chair of The Radio Independents Group, the trade body for the audio industry.  RIG was responsible for negotiating with BBC Radio to secure increased access for independent producers.  Please contact me if you are considering joining and would like to find out more.

JUNE 2017

Producer for Dora Productions

Drama on 3:  My Own Life from the writings of Oliver Sacks, David Hume, James Boswell & Adam Smith 

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 16.44.04


Oliver Sacks: Joss Ackland
David Hume: Ken Stott
Adam Smith: Gordon Kennedy
James Boswell: Robin Laing

In 2015 Oliver Sacks published, My Own Life, announcing that he was terminally ill.

In 1776 David Hume discovered he was mortally ill and wrote his autobiography, My Own Life.

Sacks looked to Hume’s work as inspiration for how to have a good death. Sacks faced his final months with a promise to himself to live ‘in the richest, deepest, most productive way I can’ encouraged by the words of Hume. He writes of a clarity of purpose while at the same time detaching himself from the inessentials of life. Sack’s admiration for Hume is explicit in his choice of titles.

Hume’s work was published posthumously in 1777 and there was a great deal of curiosity and consternation – how would this avowed atheist approach death with no prospect of an afterlife?

This is an opportunity to hear the Sacks and the Hume, alongside the account written by James Boswell of visiting the dying Hume (later described as the journalistic coup of the 18th century), and the letter written by Adam Smith to Hume’s publisher about his passing. Smith’s letter does exactly what he says: ‘My account, therefore, shall begin where he ends’. Smith completes Hume’s own work. The two documents were published together in 1777.

APRIL 2017

Producer for Pier Productions

 Comedy Drama Almost Like Being in Love by Catriona Knox BBC Radio 4 

Cast of Almost Like Being in Love

Starring (l to r): Catriona Knox, Gemma Whelan, Rosie Cavaliero , Rasmus Hardiker.

Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones and Moorside) stars in Catriona Knox’s romantic comedy. What does love look like in a world of non-binary, gender-fluid, constantly hyphenated thinking?

Grace is equipped with all the emotional trappings of youth – confidence, confusion, crippling arrogance, crippling insecurity. She thinks of herself as sexually liberated – and she may be in theory, but she definitely isn’t in practice. She’s slept with three men, missionary-style. That’s it.

Then she falls in love with Iggy (Rosie Cavaliero) – a charismatic, no-nonsense, forty-year-old LBGT matchmaker. And that’s when life really starts to get bewildering.

As they attempt to embark on a relationship neither of them expected, both women navigate brave but very different new worlds. Iggy’s new path is as alien to her as heterosexuality, while Grace has to work out if she really is fluid enough to grab the best thing that’s ever happened to her with both hands.

A comic, coming of age story about love, sexuality, cats and Judy Garland.

As a writer/performer, Catriona Knox has had several successful character comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival. As an actress, she has appeared regularly on television shows such as BBC Two’s Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe and Revolting, and Channel 4’s Damned. She has also had two comedy series on Radio 4 as part of The Boom Jennies. She is a part of the BBC’s New Talent Hotlist 2017 for Writing. This is her first play for radio and one of four commissions from top stand up writer/performers creating their first radio drama.


Article to accompany Dora Production’s BBC Radio 4 documentary Hersey’s Hiroshima.


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.16.31


Big Talk logo

Executive Producer:  Cracking Up by Johnny Daukes.  A Big Talk Production.

4 x 15′ Comedy drama series written and produced by Johnny Daukes for BBC Radio 4


Radi 4 logo


Hiroshima email header.jpg

JULY 2016

Radi 4 logo

Lance:  written and performed by Kieran Hodgson


45′ audience comedy drama for BBC Radio 4.

Produced and directed by Caroline Raphael for Pier Productions.

A one-man show about growing up, hero-worship, betrayal and cycling, written and performed by Kieran Hodgson. It was nominated for the 2015 Edinburgh Comedy Award, receiving five star reviews and selling out tours across the country.

It is 2003 and the teenage Kieran is training for the Scouts Holme Valley Mountain Bike Challenge in West Yorkshire. Inspired to ‘Just Do It’ by his hero Lance Armstrong, a signed poster of the cycling superstar is his most precious possession. So how is he going to cope when he discovers his hero has betrayed him?

Kieran plays all the parts in this heartfelt story recorded in front of an audience by one of the country’s up and coming comedy writers and performers. Kieran’s recent television work includes playing the role of Ian Lavender in the BBC 2 drama We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story.

MAY 2016 – ongoing

PRH Logo

Executive Producer & Consultancy for Penguin Random House UK Audio.

New business development and review of recording and production processes.

MARCH 2016 – ongoing

Radi 4 logo


Four dramas written by comedy performers writing Drama for BBC Radio 4 for the first time.

Confirmed writers include Catriona Knox.


From Script To Show: A 13 session intensive training course for Radio Drama and Radio Comedy Producers designed and run by Caroline Raphael and Dora Productions for Grand Scheme Media with support from Creative Skillset and


Consultancy for major London Drama School considering their audio training provision with advice about current state of the audio business,  production opportunities and refreshing freelance teaching staff.


Consultancy for major Radio Independent production company focusing on company strategy, management of freelance prodoucers, drama and comedy development.