JUNE 2017

Delighted and proud to have been elected Vice-Chair of The Radio Independents Group, the trade body for the audio industry.  RIG was responsible for negotiating with BBC Radio to secure increased access for independent producers.  Please contact me if you are considering joining and would like to find out more.

JUNE 2017

Producer for Dora Productions

Drama on 3:  My Own Life from the writings of Oliver Sacks, David Hume, James Boswell & Adam Smith 


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Oliver Sacks: Joss Ackland
David Hume: Ken Stott
Adam Smith: Gordon Kennedy
James Boswell: Robin Laing

In 2015 Oliver Sacks published, My Own Life, announcing that he was terminally ill.

In 1776 David Hume discovered he was mortally ill and wrote his autobiography, My Own Life.

Sacks looked to Hume’s work as inspiration for how to have a good death. Sacks faced his final months with a promise to himself to live ‘in the richest, deepest, most productive way I can’ encouraged by the words of Hume. He writes of a clarity of purpose while at the same time detaching himself from the inessentials of life. Sack’s admiration for Hume is explicit in his choice of titles.

Hume’s work was published posthumously in 1777 and there was a great deal of curiosity and consternation – how would this avowed atheist approach death with no prospect of an afterlife?

This is an opportunity to hear the Sacks and the Hume, alongside the account written by James Boswell of visiting the dying Hume (later described as the journalistic coup of the 18th century), and the letter written by Adam Smith to Hume’s publisher about his passing. Smith’s letter does exactly what he says: ‘My account, therefore, shall begin where he ends’. Smith completes Hume’s own work. The two documents were published together in 1777.


APRIL 2017

Producer for Pier Productions

 Comedy Drama Almost Like Being in Love by Catriona Knox BBC Radio 4 

Cast of Almost Like Being in Love

Starring (l to r): Catriona Knox, Gemma Whelan, Rosie Cavaliero , Rasmus Hardiker.

Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones and Moorside) stars in Catriona Knox’s romantic comedy. What does love look like in a world of non-binary, gender-fluid, constantly hyphenated thinking?

Grace is equipped with all the emotional trappings of youth – confidence, confusion, crippling arrogance, crippling insecurity. She thinks of herself as sexually liberated – and she may be in theory, but she definitely isn’t in practice. She’s slept with three men, missionary-style. That’s it.

Then she falls in love with Iggy (Rosie Cavaliero) – a charismatic, no-nonsense, forty-year-old LBGT matchmaker. And that’s when life really starts to get bewildering.

As they attempt to embark on a relationship neither of them expected, both women navigate brave but very different new worlds. Iggy’s new path is as alien to her as heterosexuality, while Grace has to work out if she really is fluid enough to grab the best thing that’s ever happened to her with both hands.

A comic, coming of age story about love, sexuality, cats and Judy Garland.

As a writer/performer, Catriona Knox has had several successful character comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival. As an actress, she has appeared regularly on television shows such as BBC Two’s Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe and Revolting, and Channel 4’s Damned. She has also had two comedy series on Radio 4 as part of The Boom Jennies. She is a part of the BBC’s New Talent Hotlist 2017 for Writing. This is her first play for radio and one of four commissions from top stand up writer/performers creating their first radio drama.



Article to accompany Dora Production’s BBC Radio 4 documentary Hersey’s Hiroshima.


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Executive Producer:  Cracking Up by Johnny Daukes.  A Big Talk Production.

4 x 15′ Comedy drama series written and produced by Johnny Daukes for BBC Radio 4



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JULY 2016

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Lance:  written and performed by Kieran Hodgson


45′ audience comedy drama for BBC Radio 4.

Produced and directed by Caroline Raphael for Pier Productions.

A one-man show about growing up, hero-worship, betrayal and cycling, written and performed by Kieran Hodgson. It was nominated for the 2015 Edinburgh Comedy Award, receiving five star reviews and selling out tours across the country.

It is 2003 and the teenage Kieran is training for the Scouts Holme Valley Mountain Bike Challenge in West Yorkshire. Inspired to ‘Just Do It’ by his hero Lance Armstrong, a signed poster of the cycling superstar is his most precious possession. So how is he going to cope when he discovers his hero has betrayed him?

Kieran plays all the parts in this heartfelt story recorded in front of an audience by one of the country’s up and coming comedy writers and performers. Kieran’s recent television work includes playing the role of Ian Lavender in the BBC 2 drama We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story.


MAY 2016 – ongoing

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Executive Producer & Consultancy for Penguin Random House UK Audio.

New business development and review of recording and production processes.


MARCH 2016 – ongoing

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Four dramas written by comedy performers writing Drama for BBC Radio 4 for the first time.

Confirmed writers include Catriona Knox.



From Script To Show: A 13 session intensive training course for Radio Drama and Radio Comedy Producers designed and run by Caroline Raphael and Dora Productions for Grand Scheme Media with support from Creative Skillset and


Consultancy for major London Drama School considering their audio training provision with advice about current state of the audio business,  production opportunities and refreshing freelance teaching staff.


Consultancy for major Radio Independent production company focusing on company strategy, management of freelance prodoucers, drama and comedy development.